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Z-Terra North Inc. is a new seismic processing company dedicated to serve the local and foreign exploration and production oil and gas markets was formed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The new company is a subsidiary of the well known Houston, Texas based company Z-Terra Inc. and was formed by amalgamating the processing division of Calgary’s Divestco Geosciences.

“Z-Terra North has an extensive knowledge of 2D and 3D stratigraphic processing and imaging in basins such as the Western Canada Basin, Permian and Llanos Basin. The new company will use an innovative approach to processing 2D and 3D data in structurally complex areas by starting with knowledge of regional and prospect geology and working with the client’s geoscience interpreters through all the processing steps, from data conditioning and velocity analysis to final time and depth migration products” said Dan Negut, President & CTO of Z-Terra North.

In the past, the Z-Terra North team, consisting mostly of ex-Geo-X, ex-Arcis and ex-CGG Veritas employees, undertook numerous processing jobs in Alberta, United States, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.


Currently, Z-Terra North employs seismic processing specialists and programmers, with land and offshore experience in the domestic and international seismic market, with a total of over 200 years of processing experience and with a leading expertise in complex geological setting imaging.

Alongside high-quality routine processing products, the company will offer the following industry leading technologies to its clients: Wave Equation Pre stack Time Migration, 6-D Interpolation, Diffraction Imaging, Horizontal Transverse Isotropic PSTM, Gaussian Beam PSDM, Wave Equation PSDM, Fault Constrained Tomography, Beam Tomography, RTM, FWI and 3D Seamless Merge.

Dan Negut, MSc

President & CTO


Goran Cotra,  BSc

Depth Team Manager


Wayne Nowry

Time Team Manager


Brent Sato MSc

R&D Manager

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