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District Geophysicist

Central Alberta Group


The Z-Terra team did a very good job processing our very dense 3d. Some areas were structurally complex. Some areas had layer cake strata. Some areas had very challenging surface conditions during the acquisition that the shot records looked like hash. Z-Terra managed to squeeze out very usable data in all situations on schedule. The delivered seismic volumes were very well done and Z-Terra North will continue to get more processing work.

Very well recommended.


Exploration Manager

Exploration Manager East Europe


We would like to express our sincere appreciation both to the Z-Terra North processing team and to Mr. Dan Negut, the project coordinator, for an excellent job done for us on the Romania 2D processing-reprocessing contract.  The beneficiary of the work is the JV between OMV-PETROM and Repsol.  The seismic data is from the foothills areas in the South Romanian Carpathians, a well-known petroleum province with complex structural settings.

During this interesting and challenging project the Z-Terra North team showed high professionalism and delivered on time seismic products with good quality.  We particularly appreciate, beyond the technical competences, the flexibility and approach, the capability to adapt the processing workflow, and the time schedule to fulfill the agreed objectives. 

We also appreciate the collaborative environment built between our G&G groups and the Z-Terra North team which offered us the opportunity to get involved in every stage of the project. 


Chief Geophysicist


I certify that Z-Terra North performed for HOCOL S.A. the reprocessing and pre-stack merge of two complex 3D seismic surveys in the Lower Magdalena Basin totaling 16,500 shots. (Aprox 600 km².) Z-Terra North delivered a high quality product, within the expected timeframe and the result was instrumental to progress exploratory opportunities in the area.

Petro Notre

Senior Geophysicist/Geologist


Z-Terra North has in the past provided myself, and the organization I was with Petro Norte, Bogota Columbia, with geomatics, survey spatial correctional work, and seismic data processing, including but not limited to PSTM and PSDM on various projects.  During this period communication and reporting was very well organized and Z-Terra North worked closely with myself, and Petro Norte to achieve the best results possible.  Z-Terra North was able to supply their globally recognized SPRINT 6D Interpolation and along with several Z-Terra North proprietary algorithms, further providing clear concise imaging for the complexity with the highly structured geological basins I was working in.  The basins within thrust belt regions of South America presented additional challenges with faulting, fracturing and shadow fault complications that Z-Terra North was able to successfully overcome. 

It is my belief that Z-Terra North is an extremely experienced geoscience based organization, allowing the synergies from different divisions to strengthen the entire overall product. 

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